About Me

I'm Katie, a 21 year old born and living in Hertfordshire, England. I've somehow just managed to graduate with a BA Hons in Costume Production and am now trying to figure out what being an adult is. As you can tell from my degree I love to sew and dream of being a freelance costume maker one day.
Lets just say I'm the one out of my friends that likes the randomest things. You will most likely find me watching Hocus Pocus wishing I could celebrate Halloween throughout the year, browsing through the pages of Asos, catching up on watching wrestling or at some sort of gig.
I started KMales (the initial of my first name and surname combined, I know genius...) a couple of years ago as I got to a point where I became obsessed with reading blogs so figured it was about time to give it a go myself. All I want to do is share things on here that I'm passionate about and hope that people just enjoy seeing what I have to talk about . So expect fashion, beauty, music chucked in with a bit of life style and general shenanigans.

I don't know how this will develop but all I know is that I never thought anyone would even read this blog so to have any kind of comments or follows just amazes me every time.

Katie x

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